District Update

All in all compared to other Fort Bend County subdivisions, Telfair is fairing well.  We have had a lot of street flooding, but no reports of structural flooding.  Water is slowly receding, and we are pumping down the system as quickly as we can.  Our operator LMS is working full time feverishly to protect us. Our Streets should be dry sometime tomorrow and a day or two more to drain down the lakes to normal levels.

Thanks to all for being patient with us and allowing our operators time to work instead of answering questions. We’ve tried to provide you with regular updates as we can.

If you haven’t seen on the Fort Bend County OEM website the forecast for crest of the Brazos River has been reduced to 57.5′ instead of 59′ at the Richmond garage. This is great news.

Evening Update

Good evening Telfair neighbors, it’s late in the day but our operator has been working to protect us from this unproven, devastating flood. The flood levels are at 800+ year levels.  We are one of the few areas in Fort Bend County not to be ordered to evacuate. Our system is currently operating as it is supposed to.  The pumps are on,.  You may notice our lakes are filling up and some streets have ponding, as designed.   When the rain stops, our pumps will have a chance to catch up and lower the water level in our lakes north and south of I-69.

We are all very anxious and concerned. Comparatively, we are a small entity with limited resources. We will post as we can but please refer to the City of Sugar Land website for emergency updates. 

You should make decision for your family as to whether you should voluntarily evacuate.  But you should make the decision soon as possible as roads may become impassable. Please refer to the city, county  or state (TxDOT) websites for road closures. 

Voluntary Evacuation Remains

Per Fort Bend County Judge Hebert, FBL 17 (“District”) remains under a voluntary evacuation.   The District continues to monitor the levees and facilities in the District.  At this time, all facilities are functioning as designed.  The National Weather Service is projecting the Brazos River will crest at 59’.  This is a record level and it cannot be predicted how this level will impact Telfair, although it is believed the levee will not be overtopped at the projected height.  It is imperative that you consider your individual situation when making a determination as to whether to evacuate.  We will update the District’s website with any material changes, but we encourage you to visit Fort Bend County OEM and the City of Sugar Land websites for further information.