November 2022 Board Meeting Summary

The following is a summary of certain matters discussed at the November 10, 2022, Board of Directors meeting.

Landscaping Matters

Planting in the areas included in Phases 3A and 3B of the Landscape Replacement Project is expected to start this month.

The Board awarded the contract for the Phase 4A Landscape Replacement Project to Earth First Landscaping in the amount of $1,215,572.  Information regarding the areas to be included in Phase 4A can be found in the article titled “Phase 4A Landscape Replacement Project.”  Work is expected to begin in January following completion of the work for Phases 3A and 3B.

Sod will be installed throughout the District in areas where trees were recently removed by the District. 216 trees were pruned in October.

Other District Projects

Materials have been ordered for the Phase 2 Fence Replacement and Repair Project, but delivery is not expected until late January.  Work will commence as soon as the bricks are delivered.

The Board approved the plans and authorized the District’s Engineer to advertise for bids for Phase 2 of the Section 28 Lake Erosion Repair Project. Bids are expected to be presented to the Board at the December meeting.

The third alligator has been removed from the lake and relocated.

Sidewalk repairs, and associated drainage work, are ongoing in Section 28.

A new picnic table will be installed in the area between the Culbertson/Florencia cul-de-sac and the bridge.