Gulf System Update 07/11 @ 8AM

Over the past 24 hours, Potential Tropical Cyclone Two has continued to slowly develop and is expected to become a tropical depression later today. Based on this morning’s forecast, it could develop into a Tropical Storm on Friday and possibly a Hurricane late Friday or Saturday morning. There still remains some uncertainty in the ultimate track; however, confidence continues to grow that the system will make landfill near the central part of Louisiana. Flooding as already occurred in portions of Louisiana with an additional 10 to 15 inches with isolated amounts of 20 inches as the result of this system expected over the next several days.

Locally, the impacts to Fort Bend County and the areas west of Houston should be minimal. This morning’s forecast is showing our area receiving less than one inch through Tuesday morning. We will continue to monitor for any changes in the track and intensity which can have an impact on final rainfall amounts.

Although this system is showing signs of being less impactful to our area, we continue to encourage residents to:

District Update – 5/8/19 at 9:30 PM

All pumps are operational at this time. We are working to lower internal water levels in the District in anticipation of potential rainfall in the forecast. The water level in the internal lakes north of US 59 is at approximately 65.8 msl and dropping. We anticipate reaching normal operating levels in this system overnight assuming no further rainfall. In the south system (south of US 59), the internal water level as of this evening was at approximately 65 msl and dropping. We anticipate that we will be at normal operating levels in the south system by Thursday morning. Both drainage systems are functioning as designed and internal water levels are continuing to drop. LMS has an operator on site at both pump stations and will continue to monitor the pumping.

Brazos River Information

The Brazos River rises and falls due to the amount of rainfall upstream of the District within the Brazos River watershed.  When significant rainfall occurs upstream, the National Weather Service will issue forecasts for the Brazos River to alert residents of anticipated conditions so that informed decisions can be made related to potential impacts from rising water. The nearest river gauge and forecast site is the Brazos River at Richmond, at the US 90A bridge, approximately 8.8 miles upriver from the I-69/US 59 crossing. The forecast estimates the level of the river at the gauge, the level provided is in gauge feet (not feet above sea level).  To convert gauge feet to sea level add 27.02’.  Because LID 17 is downstream from the gauge, the water level in the Brazos River will be lower than at the gauge, generally about 6-7’.  The Districts’ consultants monitor the river levels and forecasts.  When necessary, the District responds, per the Emergency Action Plan, with required activities to protect the District and properties therein from potential harm.  For reference;

  • A gauge elevation at the Richmond gauge of 37 would correlate to gravity outfall being restricted at Pump Station 2 (south of UH) such that pumping operations might be required if there is rainfall within the District.
  • A gauge elevation at the Richmond gauge of 43 would correlate to gravity outfall being restricted at Pump Station 1 (north of I-69/US59) and pumping operations might be required if there is rainfall within the District.
  • On September 1, 2017, following Hurricane Harvey the Brazos River crested at a high of 55.19’

For additional information regarding current Brazos River levels, you may visit the following websites;