March 2023 Board Meeting Summary

The following is a summary of certain matters discussed at the March 9, 2023 meeting.

Financial Matters

The Board amended the budget for Fiscal Year 2023 to reflect additional expenses for ongoing District projects and additional interest income expected on general operating fund balances.

Landscaping Matters

Phase 4A of the Landscape Replacement project is on-going.

Bids for Phase 4B of the Landscape Replacement Project will be presented at the April Board meeting.  Bid documents can be found on the District website.

The Board approved a proposal from Earth First for resodding areas around the walking trail.

A proposal for additional signs to be placed in the wildflower beds was approved by the Board.  The purpose of the signs is to discourage people from walking in the beds.

Other District Projects

Phase 2 of the Fence Replacement Project is underway.

Phase 2 of the Section 28 Lake Erosion Repair Project has begun.

Residents can expect to begin seeing excavation of the discharge structure at Pump Station No. 1 beginning the week of March 13.

Other matters

The City of Sugar Land will install a pilot flashing sign at the Chatham and Hetherington pedestrian crosswalk.