Report Structural Flooding

We received reports of structural flooding within the District. If your home and/or garage took on water during the rain event during the last 24 hours, please report it to the City of Sugar Land.

This is to report structural flooding only. Street ponding or flooded roads should report to the City via its website.

Report Structural Flooding

May 9, 2019 Update

As most of you know, the National Weather Service and Fort Bend County are expecting intense rainfalls over the next three days, beginning around 7 p.m. tonight.  Given that we received very heavy rain on Tuesday evening, the ground is saturated and any rain will immediately run off into the storm sewers, detention ponds and drainage channels, and then to the 2 pump stations.  Our operator LMS continues to have personnel at the pump stations. The system is operating according to our emergency action plan.

Here are some ways that you can assist and help us drain as efficiently as possible:

  • Bring in any trash cans, bags or other items that could get caught in rising street water. These items can float and block the inlet preventing or restricting any water from entering the storm drains.
  • If you typically have a car parked in the street, consider pulling it up into your driveway as close to your house as possible, or better, into your garage.  Face the engine towards the house.  If unable to pull the car into the driveway, consider asking a neighbor to use any unoccupied space.
  • Be sure to monitor official announcements from Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (, the City of Sugar Land, and the National Weather Service for official updates.

Brazos River Forecast Update – 5/6/2019 @ 10AM

Your LID 17 team has been monitoring the Brazos River levels, the past two weeks rain and forecasted rainfall for this week. Currently, the NWS estimates the Brazos River cresting at a gage elevation of approximately 47.4 on Friday May 10th. This is in the minor flood stage, below the moderate flood stage. Rain forecast for in the watershed north of us will be monitored by the NWS and updates may be issued.

The LID 17 team will continue to monitor the river and weather forecasts to maintain preparedness for situations that may arise and potentially impact our community.