Voluntary Evacuation Remains

Per Fort Bend County Judge Hebert, FBL 17 (“District”) remains under a voluntary evacuation.   The District continues to monitor the levees and facilities in the District.  At this time, all facilities are functioning as designed.  The National Weather Service is projecting the Brazos River will crest at 59’.  This is a record level and it cannot be predicted how this level will impact Telfair, although it is believed the levee will not be overtopped at the projected height.  It is imperative that you consider your individual situation when making a determination as to whether to evacuate.  We will update the District’s website with any material changes, but we encourage you to visit Fort Bend County OEM and the City of Sugar Land websites for further information. 

Notice to Telfair Residents

Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert has just issued a call for voluntary evacuations of several subdivisions in Fort Bend County.  The Brazos River projections received by Fort Bend County from the National Weather Service indicate the level of the River at the City of Richmond gauge will rise to 59′.  These are unprecedented levels.  Based on observations and staking of water levels against the Telfair levee in the May 2016 flood events, we believe the River will not overtop the Telfair levee; however, at those levels New Territory Blvd into Telfair from New Territory must be closed by the City of Sugar Land or Fort Bend County in order to protect water from entering Telfair via New Territory Blvd. If the road cannot be closed, there will be a levee breach if the Brazos River level reaches a height of 59′ at the Richmond gauge. We have asked the County and City to make preparations for supplies in this event.

We cannot guarantee or easily predict levels of rainfall or the Brazos River levels.   If you believe your family will be better off following the Judge’s proclamation for voluntary evacuation, please make appropriate plans.  Our operators are doing whatever they can do to protect our community but the forces of the Brazos River are difficult to contain.

Please stay tune to local media and the Fort Bend County OEM site for further information.  

Notice to Telfair Residents

Fort Bend County has declared mandatory evacuation for homes right along the Brazos River. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TELFAIR. TELFAIR IS PROTECTED BY THE Fort Bend County LID No. 17 LEVEE.

Our drainage system is designed to protect us from Brazos River flooding. The River is rising, but is not yet at levels of the May 2016 flood. Our pump stations are operating to take water outside Telfair. You will see higher levels than normal in our lake, but that is how the detention lakes are designed. Please continue to check our website as well as the City of Sugar Land and Fort Bend County emergency operations website.