Section 28 Lake Erosion – Phase 2

The Board of Directors of Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 17 awarded a contract for the Section 28 Lake Erosion Repair Project– Phase 2 at their regular meeting on Thursday, January 12, 2023. Following a competitive bidding process, the contract was awarded to Silt Solutions in the amount of $587,121.00. The project is anticipated to start around February 20, 2023 and is expected to have a duration of approximately 2 months, weather permitting.

The project will consist of the repair of approximately 5,300 feet of shoreline utilizing an erosion repair product known as Dredgesox. Dredgesox is a soft armor solution comprised of a knitted mesh product that is filled with suitable soil material to restore the shoreline and provide protection against future bank erosion due to wave action. Once installed, the knitted mesh will be covered with sod to re-establish the natural lake edge in the Phase 2 area. As part of this work, it is anticipated that existing vegetation along the shoreline will be removed and replaced. During construction, work will be accomplished from the shoreline and within the lake itself. During this time, work will be happening in the existing drainage easement in the rear of lots adjacent to the existing edge of water. Residents will notice work being done adjacent to their fence. Upon completion of the project, any areas disturbed by the contractor will be repaired.

This is the same product that was installed during Phase 1. A video of the Phase 1 work is on the website under “Lakes – Section 28 Lake Erosion – Phase I Update.” A map of the Phase 2 area with affected shoreline outlined in red is provided below. A couple of photos of existing conditions in the Phase 2 area are provided below.