Phase 2 Fence Replacement Project Update

It has come to the attention of the general contractor (Fencecrete) and the construction inspection team (LJA Engineering) that the color of the supplied brick has shifted away from what was intended to match the existing walls on site as closely as possible.

While some changes in color can be expected in these natural materials, the aesthetic difference has become noticeably outside of the acceptable range. The manufacturer of the brick (Interstate Brick) has been notified of the quality control deficiencies. Any brick that was installed which does not meet specification will be stained in place to correct any deficiencies.

At this time, the Fencecrete has been directed to use all remaining brick currently on site to complete any open sections currently in progress. During this time, and while the new brick is being manufactured, Fencecrete will continue with site work and demolition operations and temporary fencing will be installed.

It is anticipated that the newly manufactured brick will be ready for shipment the first week of August and construction of new wall segments will resume immediately after brick is received on site.