May 2023 Board Meeting Summary

The Board of Directors met and discussed various matters concerning the District on May 11, 2023. Here are the key updates that the Board would like to share with the residents.

Landscaping Matters

Phase 4A of the Landscape Replacement Project is expected to be completed by the end of May.

Work in Phase 4B of the Landscape Replacement Project is expected to begin in mid-June.

The District and its consultants are finalizing the scope of Phase 5 of the Landscape Replacement Project.  The plans are expected to be presented to the Board at the June meeting.

Other District Projects

Work is underway in Area 1 of the Fence Replacement Project.

Efforts to address erosion in the Section 28 lake are progressing well. To date, over 2,900 feet of ShoreSox and sod has been installed. Currently, the project is 60% complete. The Board approved the installation of ShoreSox along the Recreation Center No. 3 pedestrian bridge.

District communications

The District’s has a Facebook page.