December 2022 Board Meeting Summary

The following is a summary of certain matters discussed at the December 8, 2022, Board of Directors meeting.

Landscaping Matters

Plants are being installed in Phases 3A and 3B of the Landscape Replacement Project.  The Board approved two change orders to clean out landscape beds and add seasonal color and other plantings in several high visibility areas throughout the community. This additional work is expected to be completed in December.

Work for Phase 4A of the Landscape Replacement Project is expected to begin in early January.

The District’s landscape architect is finalizing the plans and specifications for Phase 4B of the Landscape Replacement Project.

The District has completed the tree removal project.  The District will continue to prune trees as necessary.

District Operations and Levee Matters

The Board expects to award the contract for Phase 2 of the Section 28 Lake Erosion Project in January.