Weather Update – 5/8/2019 @ 10AM

With the severe weather and flooding events in our area, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 17 would like to update you regarding the current status, as well as the steps being taken to protect the community.  Our Emergency Action Plan is in place and will be followed accordingly. We are in regular contact and coordinating with the City of Sugar Land and Fort Bend County.

The District experienced a substantial localized rain event, with several inches falling in a short amount of time. The District’s pumps are operational and have been since the heavy rain began Tuesday afternoon. The pumps will continue to pump water out of the District until normal levels are achieved. The time to achieve a normal level is dependent on any additional rainfall that might occur as forecasted over the next few days.

Please note the drainage system is designed to utilize streets as an additional detention in heavy rain events to minimize the risk of structural flooding. Report high water on streets and roadways to the City of Sugar Land. Structural flooding should be reported to the City of Sugar Land.

The National Weather Service Gulf River Forecast Center estimates the Brazos River to crest at elevation of 47.2 feet at the Richmond gage. At that elevation, the levee has plenty of freeboard (extra height) available. Our operator, LMS, continues to inspect the District’s facilities including the levee, pump station and internal detention pond.

The National Weather Service is forecasting several additional inches of rain in the Fort Bend County area over the next few days.  There could be isolated pockets of heavy rains. With this forecast, there will still be plenty of freeboard on the levee.  As with Tuesday evening, if the intensity is significant, some street flooding may occur again. Please avoid driving through high water areas and remove all cars, containers and debris from sidewalks and streets. It takes time for the intense rainfall to drain from your yard, to the street, into an inlet, down the storm drains and into the lakes. Once in the lakes, the water will be pumped into the Brazos River. Please report high water on streets and roadways to the City of Sugar Land.

For your safety, please do not stop on any bridges over the Brazos River to look at the flooding or walk or drive through high water.  Look out for dangerous wildlife that has been displaced due to the floods: snakes, fire ants, etc. Do not approach any wildlife that may be in the area.

Please continue to check the websites of the City of Sugar Land, Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management and the District for up-to-date information.