Phase II Fence Replacement Project Update for Fort Bend Levee Improvement District No. 17 Homeowners and Residents

To: Homeowners and Residents

Fort Bend Levee Improvement District No. 17 (the “District”) is providing an update on the status of the Phase II fence replacement project. This phase of the project involves the removal and replacement of certain brick thinwall fences that have been inspected by District’s engineer and determined to be in a condition that warrants replacement. The fences being replaced are located within a public easement or right-of-way owned by the District. The brick fences will be replaced utilizing the same or similar patterns, brick coursing and heights.

The locations of the fences slated for replacement are shown on the attached map and coded by wall segment. Work is expected to commence on wall segments 17, 18, 41, 51, 52, 53, and 19 by the middle of June, 2024. Work is expected to commence on wall segments 54, 20, 21, 22, 43, 46, 48, and 49 in July, 2024.

The District’s contractor, Fencecrete America, will notify homeowners prior to commencing work on your street. The contractor anticipates that work on any given section of fence is expected to last 6 weeks.

To assist with the work, the District requests that homeowners relocate any personal items a minimum of 10 feet back from the fence line. Please secure all personal property and pets while the work is being performed. If trees, shrubs or other items are located within or encroach into the District’s easement and/or right of way, those items may need to be removed or trimmed. You can refer to your property survey to identify the location of the easement on your property.

We want to remind you of a few things.

  • New fences will have an approximately 1-inch gap at the bottom to allow for drainage away from the yard.
  • Do not place dirt or landscaping material against the fence. This could damage the integrity of the fence and obstruct drainage from your property.
  • Do not plant trees or shrubs too close to the fence. Please leave at least five (5) feet of clearance when planting trees and at least three (3) feet of clearance when planting shrubs.
  • Do not drill holes in, attach items to or hang items on the fence.
  • Do not place items on or against the fence.
  • Do not remove any bricks from the fence and do not paint the fence.
  • The new fences are the property of the District.

While the District will be responsible for the long-term maintenance of the fences following the expiration of the warranty period, we request that all property owners do their part to keep the new fences in great shape. If the fences are damaged by items located within a homeowner’s backyard or by the actions of a homeowner, the cost to repair the fences may not be covered by the warranty. In these situations, the District will look to the individual homeowner to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the fence.

If you any questions, please contact Flavia Valle at (832) 478-9344 or We want to thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to complete this project as quickly as possible.

Board of Directors

Fort Bend Levee Improvement District No. 17