January 2023 Board Meeting Summary

The following is a summary of certain matters discussed at the January 12, 2023, Board of Directors meeting.

Landscaping Matters

Phases 3A and 3B of the landscape replacement project are expected to be completed by the end of January.

Phase 4A of the landscape replacement project is expected to begin in February.

Plants damaged in the December freeze will be cut back and/or removed once the timeframe for another freeze has passed.  Freeze cloths were placed over new plants ahead of the freeze.

The Board discussed resident concerns about the removal of trees in the community.  The District has completed the tree removal project and does not plan to remove any additional trees at this time.  The District’s consultants will look at areas in the neighborhood that could benefit from new plantings and report back to the Board.

Other District Projects

There is an additional delay in the delivery of the bricks for the Phase 2 Fence Replacement Project. The bricks are expected to be delivered in early February. Residents whose fences will be replaced will be notified prior to the contractor beginning demolition and prep work.

Three bids were received for the Section 28 Lake Erosion Phase 2 project. The Board awarded the contract to Silt Solutions in the amount of $587,121.  Work is expected to begin before the end of February.

District Operations and Levee Matters

Work is expected to begin on the Pump Station 1 improvements in early February.