Phase I Fence Replacement Project Update

FBCLID 17 has contracted with Johnson Fence for the completion of the Phase I Fence Replacement Project. This project consists of the replacement of approximately 7,800 linear feet of failing concrete panel fence with brick fence. The total cost of the project is approximately $1.1 million. The project work area was primarily located along Chatham Avenue south of New Territory Boulevard, Telfair Avenue west of Addison Avenue and Kempton Avenue south of Telfair Avenue. A layout of the project area is provided below.

The Notice to Proceed on the project was issued to Johnson Fence on September 10, 2020. As of March 5, 2021, the contractor has completed a total of 5,800 linear feet of fence which includes the demolition of the existing fence and installation of brick fence. Work along Telfair Avenue and Kempton Avenue is nearly complete. Johnson Fence is currently working on the Chatham Avenue portion of the project. Johnson Fence anticipates completion of the Phase I project in mid-April 2021.