District Update

Good Morning Neighbors,

Outside our levee system, early this morning, the river briefly rose to 55.19 at the Richmond gauge. As of 10:00am, the National Weather Service issued a revised forecast that shows the river has crested and is now beginning a slow fall which will continue through the weekend. The water level we see on our levee in the picture below of Pump Station #1 represents the peak level.

Internally our pumps continue to operate as needed to expel the rainwater that fell within the District. As the water is pumped out, our lake levels will return to near normal.

Our system was tested by rainfall and water elevations that were beyond the normal design parameters and has functioned exceptionally well. Your LID board will discuss this event, system operations and any lessons learned at future meetings.

Thank you to our board members, consultants and operators for their commitment to our safety through this challenging event.