Tropical Storm Harvey Update

Telfair residents, Please continue to follow tropical storm Harvey updates on the FBC OEM and City of Sugar Land OEM websites.

The LID 17 will post as it can but please understand our operators are extremely busy working in the field on emergency operations keeping us as dry as possible.

Our residents can be assured that the drainage system is working as designed. In this type of rain event over the last 48 hours, we expected to have higher than normal levels in our lakes. Our system is designed to first, fill up and overtop the lakes, then our streets are designed to take storm water before water gets into homes. Telfair received a significant amount of rain overnight and it will take some time for that water to be discharged into Ditch H (the big ditch that goes out to the Brazos River). The forecast appears to show a break this afternoon which will allow for the lakes to drain to Ditch H and potentially get back closer to normal levels.

We have storm water pump stations to pump water from within Telfair to outside the levee. As of now, our pump stations are in normal operations.

Further, our levee is designed to keep water from the Brazos River out of Telfair. For now, the River levels have not risen to flooding heights, but there are projections to rise to levels comparable to those in the May 2016 flood event. During that event, no water from the Brazos River breached our levee. We are continuing to work with Fort Bend County OEM to monitor the Brazos River levels. Please track the County’s website for updates on the River levels.

Please staying in your home during the rains unless you need to get out for an emergency. Roads are becoming impassable to cars as it continues to rain. When you venture out and your car gets stuck and need assistance, it dilutes the emergency manpower needed to deal with medical emergencies. Sugar Land police are out in Telfair now trying to tow cars. Our operator and emergency personnel need the streets for their flood fighting. Please stay off the streets except for emergency purposes.

Update from LMS

Most of you are probably keeping up with weather reports, but we wanted you to know our operator LMS is working closely with Fort Bend County and the City of Sugar Land to monitor the situation and is in emergency preparedness operations. We also are monitoring the Brazos River as it will start to rise over the next week. LMS will be pumping at our storm water pump stations as needed and do their best to keep our internal drainage levels at a minimum. Our streets are designed to carry some storm water to enable our storm water pump stations to catch up as may be needed in the next few days. There is a high possibility that winds may significant increase in the upcoming days and some areas may lose power. Debris could be a factor if the winds pick up and LMS is prepared to manage this as is possible. LMS will have tree trucks staged to help clear roads and pump stations should we need it. Our goal is to keep clear areas as needed, but not haul away debris during the event. If you see storm debris throughout your district we will coordinate with the City or County to handle clean up once the event is over.

LMS will be working round the clock to do everything they can for us and handle each problem as it arises.

Please be patient as we all try to handle the storm as best we can.

For additional up-to-date information, residents of the Telfair community may sign up for the City of Sugar Land’s emergency notification system by using the following link: This system allows the City to communicate with residents via public telephone networks, text messages, as well as email.

You may also visit the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management at additional information and to sign up for updates.